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entrepreneurs in the informal sectors of Bangladesh are yet to receive
recognition from the society. They are unfortunately excluded from the main
stream development projects. Inequalities between women and men still exist in
terms of opportunities, rights, and benefits. A coherent attempt from
public-private bodies is yet to take for removing various constraints towards
women entrepreneurs’ active participation in business. Women entrepreneurs’
lack information due to having less access to learning process, business
places, social networks and concern authorities. Despites many barriers, women
entrepreneurs are taking challenges to continue their hard work in a
male-dominated, competitive and complex environment. However their performances
are challenged by myriad of factors prevail in external and internal environment.
These factors are related to their general attributes like demographic,
business, management and networking characteristics as well as environmental
factors like political, economic, social, technological, legal, local resources
and human resources.


Demographic Characteristics: Cooperative entrepreneurs were found comparatively
younger.  It’s also indicating that, older
aged people have quite less participation in cooperative entrepreneurship.
Nearly half portion of cooperative entrepreneurs is seen inside undergrad level
education.  Few portions are having
graduate level education. In case of experience, maximum portion is seen having
less than 20 years experience. Maximum cooperative entrepreneurs think that,
cooperative management is boosting entrepreneurship in Bangladesh.  Only few options denied with this concept.
Consumer sector have less cooperative entrepreneurs. It’s seen that,
agriculture has the highest participation from cooperative. Also, fisheries got
significant contribution from cooperative entrepreneurs. More than half
cooperative entrepreneurs believe that existing laws is conducive for
cooperative growth. Majority of the cooperative entrepreneur’s believe that,
cooperative entrepreneurship is boosting female entrepreneurship in Bangladesh.
More than half portion trust that cooperative societies got sustainability. Bulk
portion cooperative entrepreneurs also agreed in two factors, firstly this
sector need more state authority effort for socio economic development and
secondly cooperative entrepreneurship is facing illicit banking activities. Furthermore,
greater part of the entrepreneur believes about unexpected profit range
receiving by cooperative societies. 
Investigation exposed that, youth population is mostly interested about
cooperative sector. Women involvement also have significant portion in
cooperative sector. One the other hand, disabled and older persons put few
steps in cooperative societies.

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Entrepreneurial Characteristics: Their industry picture sketch that, nearly half of
the societies got five hundred to one thousand members. Large member bases
societies are in little portion. Only, very few percent societies have
generated male employment nearly hundred. Larger part of the societies
generated nearly thirty male occupation opportunities. Best part of the
surveyed societies has arranged nearly twenty women employment chances. Only so
little portion has arranged nearly employment between thirty to sixty people.
Analysis exposed diverse result about member growing speed. One fifth societies
have increased twenty members last year.  Twenty two percent in both level boosted
members in between sixty to hundred numbers.

6.3 Financial Characteristics: Scattered
picture has seen in financial performance. Societies having 1 million to 2
million range of working capital is seen in One fifth portion. Maximum
societies showed quarter or nearly quarter position in various working capital ranges.
Nearly half of the societies are distributing dividend in lowest range. Only sixteen
percent is distrusting in highest range. Maximum part of societies is creating
profit in lowest range. Less than half portion is making profit in middle
range. Only six percent said that, they are receiving profit in highest range.


6.4 External Environmental
Influences: Assessing
environmental threats, on the basis of Likert 5 points rating scale, cooperative
entrepreneurs were found mostly satisfied over. State and Environment, ii.
Economical, iii. Social, iv. Financial were assessed to more beneficial. For state environment, acquiring registration
had negative impacts on cooperative entrepreneurs. In social perspectives, cooperative entrepreneurs had little
dissatisfaction over public awareness enhancing level while they were nearly
satisfied about gender parities and role in social development. Respect to economic environment cooperative
entrepreneurs was found to be satisfied over employment breeding and poverty

Cooperative entrepreneurs were found
to be indifferent about legal factors. They had dissatisfaction over productivity
advancement assistance for their business activities. In respect to domestic
factors, cooperative entrepreneurs were found to be satisfied over availability
of financial assistance, bank loan and cooperative directorate but dissatisfied
about availability of bank loan.



6.5      Internal
Environmental Aspects:
for assessing internal actualities, cooperative entrepreneurs were found mostly
weakened in managing internal conflicts and disturbances, along with handling maladministration.
They were dissatisfied over accountability, operating space and entrepreneurial
education and training. For information and communication technology (ICT)
capacities, women entrepreneurs were found to require more opportunities to
access ICT. In case of marketing management, cooperative entrepreneurs were
found to be less capable in strategic positioning of their product or service
to their desired target market.


6.6      SWOT
for Cooperative Entrepreneurs: Cooperative
entrepreneurs in Bangladesh were not almost best in business. Although they had
many obstacles and weaknesses, they have still many opportunities and
strengths. Based on the research findings a SWOT analysis can be made to
support the women entrepreneurs for being succeed in business. They had to
maximize the strengths and opportunities they had in business and minimize
weaknesses and threats for ensuring better performances in business.

Based on the survey study, a SWOT
analysis chart is developed for cooperative entrepreneurs. 

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