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Women empowerment refers to the increasing the
spiritual, political, social, educational, gender or
economic strength of individuals and communities
of women. Women empowerment in india is heavily
dependent on many different variables that include
geographical location (urban/rural) Educational
status and social status (caste and class) and age.
Policies of women’s empowerment exist at the
national, state and local (panchayat) levels in many
sectors, including health, education, economic
opportunities, gender based violence and political
participation. However there are significant gap
between policy advancements and actual practices
at the community level.
Empowerment of women is essentially the process
of upliftment of economic, social and political status
of women, the traditionally underprivileged ones, in
the society. It is the process of guarding them against
all forms of violence. Women empowerment
involves the building up of a society, a political
A Critical Analysis of Issues Related to
Women Empowerment in India
environment, wherein the women can breathe
without the fear of oppression, exploitation,
apprehension, this crimination and the general
feeling of persecution which goes with being a
woman in a traditionally male dominated structure.
Women constitute almost 50% of the world’s
population but India has this proportionate sex ratio
w h e r e b y f e m a l e ‘ s popul a ti o n h a s b e e n
comparatively lower than males. As far as their
social status is concerned, they are not treated as
equal to men in all the places. In the western
societies, the women have got equal right and status
with men in all walks of life. But gender disabilities
and discriminations are found in India even today.
The paradoxical situation has such that she was
sometimes concerned as goddess and at other times
merely as slave.
H. Subrahmanyam (2011) compares women
education in India at present and past. Author
highlighted that there has a good progress in overall 

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