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Women’s empowerment tops the most pressing issues in the
world.  The Philippines establish the
economic strength of women as a contributory factor in achieving the platforms
towards sustainable development.

The Philippine government advocates women empowerment since
the K-12 program is aligned to enhance the full potentials of women for the
sustainable development of the nation.  
Empowerment in the real sense is a powerful advocacy of preserving the
welfares of women at the household an in the broader society. Without women’s
empowerment, sustainable development would still remain a dream. If gender
equality is not continued, it will impede the nation’s improvement because gender
inequalities lower high economic investment that leads to social
inequities.   Thus, one can recognize
from such justifications that deprivation of women in all forms of development
platforms, all mechanisms of sustainable development can’t be achieved. Women
should be motivated and likewise free to participate to contribute in all areas
of improvement to achieve long-term sustainability.   Furthermore, if an individual seeks sustainable
people-centered development in our country, there is an important to have equal
opportunities of women across various levels of decision-making. Their
participation is crucial in gaining mutual respect and democratic decisions.   To maintain the social transformation of
empowering women, education at school level is crucial. Therefore, attitudes
and perceptions developed towards women regarding their status, role, and jobs
are important to discuss in school. Therefore, one cannot undermine the role of
the teacher in shaping the behavior of children. It is the teacher, from early
childhood on, up brings the learners and who have daily contact interaction
with children in their schoolyears.   The
government must initiate actions to bring about sustainable development in in
the different regions with women empowerment. By all means, the government
should educate and maintain the health of women to improve social development
and productivity as well. Give them with full participation in different
macro-level decisions in government agencies to better safeguard women’s
interests and to achieve quality governance. Moreover, protecting the rights of
women for them to be functional individuals in the economic, social, cultural
and political consequently bringing about development

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