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Won Alexander Cumyow why is he the greatest Canadian well if you really want to know then read on Mr. Hammersley.Won Alexander Cumyow was born in 1861 and he was the first Chinese to be born in Canada. Alexander Cumyow was also the first person with Chinese descendants to successfully study  law become a merchant, police court interpreter, legal advisor, labour contractor, and advocate. Ooh and if your wondering what court Alexander worked for it was the Vancouver police court. Won Alexander Cumyow also ran a coffee and tea company in Vancouver.  Alright besides being a very successful man he also did a lot of different things for Canada in his time. Did you know that Alexander Cumyow was the first “Chinese person” to vote in Canada because he was Canadian born but his vote was sadly ignored and he can only vote fifty one years later when he was already a grandfather. Besides being the first “Chinese” Canadian Cumyow helped the head tax on Chinese immigrants lower which made it easier for Chinese immigrants seeking new opportunities come over to Canada. Alexander Cumyow did not always have things easy for him, in 1883 Cumyow was involved in a big scandal secretly involving a transaction of three hundred dollars and Cumyow was sentenced to 3 years in prison for something he had no idea about.In 1902 Cumyow spoke out against the head tax to grant the rights for Chinese immigrants to immigrate to Canada without having to pay a five hundred dollars of head tax. So what Cumyow was trying to do is he was trying to convince the court to lower the head tax so that the Chinese can immigrate to Canada easier. Alexander Cumyow also said to the court that “they should make valuable citizens and greatly aid in the development of this great country”. So as you can see Mr. Cumyow really helped out the Chinese people by lowering the head tax, helping them by being able to get better jobs and also lower the hostility against Asians.So as you can see not only was Won Alexander Cumyow a very successful man for his time but he also never gave up on what he wanted to be because it was very hard at the time for a asian person to be as successful as him but he also helped stop the discrimination against Chinese and Asians. He also made it way easier for Chinese to immigrate to Canada and be welcome to Canada, but most importantly Won Alexander Cumyow made Canada what is today a country that welcomes any race and any culture no matter where you come from .

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