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Working in an IT engineering field it becomes quickly apparent how often new technologies change the scene in computer science. Being of a Christian mindset and raised by my family to be both generous and aware of the impact of my actions, I have always supported the idea that every member of an organization should be aware of their social duty and the impact of their work. Social ineptitude is not the fault of organizational heads or management. Every person involved in the design, production, and propagation of a harmful technology or product is responsible. It is more important than ever to communicate the risks and outcomes of an organizational action.I have had the rare possibility to work at a high level of personal management in my work. I have superiors that direct my efforts but they are not of the same skill set as myself and do not get directly involved in the work I do. I have had to overcome ethical dilemmas in my work with little external assistance. While this may not be an ideal situation I have tried to inform the members of my organization of the possible risks in our decisions. The technologies that I implement and engineer are directly involved in the upbringing of young children and can put them in morally compromising situations if not managed properly by our administration. I have had to make the decision to not implement technologies that I considered to be exploitable or unsafe, even at the disagreement of my coworkers and superiors. I believe it to be my social responsibility to use my specific knowledge and experience to prevent their own misguided steps into unethical situations.In order to be as specific as possible in my views on technology, I believe advancement and development to be a largely good thing. It must be apparent, however, that resources left unchecked and unrestrained will often become open floodgates for unethical behavior and social negligence. While developers may have good intentions with their products, by ignoring the possible issues that may arise, or the weakness in those products they are compromising their social duty for profit or selfish gain. A technology should be rounded and designed in a way that reduces the possibility of a negative impact as much as possible. If a potential technology will have negative consequences that outweigh its ability to benefit the same people as those it would harm, I believe it is the responsibility of those behind the technology to prevent it from being released.

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