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     World climate scientists point out that the highest level of safety
emission will be around 350 parts per million of carbon dioxide, but the
greenhouse gas in the atmosphere has reached 400. The global warming causes
lots of environment problems, which including rising sea levels, droughts,
famine. We might face an entire country would be submerged by the sea water. We
might face too less land for planting food to feed the demands. We might face
the another mass extinction of the species on earth since the extinction of the

The United Nations stating that cows produce more greenhouse gases than
the entire transportation sector this means that raising cattle produces more
greenhouse gases than all cars, trucks, trains, boats, planes combined 13%
compare to 18% for livestock, this is because cows produce a substantial amount
of methane from their digestive process methane gases from livestock is twenty
five to a hundred times more destructive than carbon dioxide from vehicles
hydraulic fracturing for natural gas uses an incredible amount of water a
staggering a hundred billion gallons of water is used every year in the united
states, but when compare this with animal agriculture raising livestock just in
the United State, consumes 34 trillion gallons of water and it turns out the
methane emissions from both industries are nearly equal one quarter pound
hamburger require over 660 gallons of water to produce here. Most people have
been trying to take short showers in order to save water but to find out just
eating on hamburger is the equivalent of showering to an entire month. The
domestic water use is only 5% of what is consumed in the US vs. 55% for animal
agriculture. That’s means it takes over 2500 gallons of water to produce only one
pound of beef. In 2009, two advisors from the World Bank released an analysis
on human induced greenhouse gases finding that animal agriculture was
responsible not for eighteen percent as UN stated but was actually 51 percent
of all greenhouse gases, which makes animal agriculture the number one
contributor to human caused climate change. Moreover, the analysis also found
that raising animals for food consumes a third of all the planets freshwater
occupies up to 45 percent of the earth’s land is responsible for up to 91% of
Amazon destruction is a leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones
in habitat destruction. Yet the world’s largest environmental groups that are
supposed to be saving our world didn’t mention this anywhere. (UN New Centre,
rearing cattle produces more greenhouse gases than driving cars, UN report

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UN reported that three-quarters of the world’s fisheries are
overexploited, fully exploited or significantly depleted due to overfishing. The
report also claim that the oceans are under siege like never before and marine
environments are in trouble and if people do not do something about it, human
is  going to see empty oceans by the year
2048, which is the perdition from scientists. On another hand, an international
marine wildlife conservation organization, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
reported that the wave fishing is done today to feed the demand for 90 million
tons of fish is primarily through massive fish nets for every single pound of
fish caught there’s up to 5 pounds of untargeted species trapped such as
dolphins whales, sea turtles and sharks, and this is what will happen in our
oceans every day. “The oceans die, we die.” Watson, the Founder captain of Sea
Shepherd Conservation Society said, “That’s not a tagline but a truth.”

Beside the ocean, the other ecosystem that is being destroyed at a such
rapid rate of the world is rainforests. The global rainforests are essentially
the planets lungs, they breathe in CO2 and exhale oxygen an acre of rainforest
is cleared every second and the leading cause is to graze animals and grow
their feed crops. That is essentially an entire football filed cleared every
single second and estimated that every day close to a hundred of plants,
animals and insect species are lost due to rain forest destruction. So, the
fact is there was no way to sustainably raise enough animals to feed the
world’s current demand on meat. Dr. Will Tuttle, an environmental and ethics
author, reported that human is growing enough food right now to feed between
twelve and fifteen billion people, and there actually only have seven billion
people in the world but there still roughly a billion of people starving every
single day because 50% of the grain and legumes that were growing to feed the
animals, which means the animals are eating a huge amount of grain and legumes.
In the U.S., it is more like closer to 70% of food to feed animals. In
addition, 82% of the world’s starving children live in countries where food is
fed to animals in the livestock system that are than killed and eaten by more
well-off individuals in developed countries. (“Food Choice and Sustainability”,
Richard Oppenlander, Environmental Researcher.)

Vegetarian or vegan could be very healthy. Elders who are or became
vegan for many years are more likely able to handle heavy capacity of exercise.
(Dr. Michael A. Klaper,MD, Physician, True North Health Center). Dr. Michael
also suggested that people should not be consuming dairy. The purpose of cow’s
milk is to turn a 65-pound calf into a 400-pound cow as rapidly as possible,
cow’s milk contains of everything that for baby calf’s growth, such as the
hormones, the lipids, the proteins, the sodium and the growth factors. So, the
cow’s milk should be baby growth fluid but should not be human’s food.

Thus, people should go into vegan to save the earth.

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