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Writing is fundamental to my life. It is the most effective form of thinking. Writing is a standout amongst the most vital aptitudes English as a second language student must master, especially for students and working experts. Mistakes in spelling, sentence structure, and word selection are instantly evident. And keeping in mind that proficiency aptitudes are not an impression of insight or information, the poor composition can cause to get bring downgrades, regardless of their comprehension of the subject being examined. Before I took this class, my composition abilities were not as much good. I was getting average grades on any of the papers I had written. Mostly I required help in the areas, for example, putting my thoughts together, utilizing run-on sentences, and utilizing MLA organize accurately. I dealt with these aptitudes each time I attempted to compose a paper as the semester passed by. To enhance my exposition composing aptitudes, I composed as much as I could. Even though I was committing errors, I wrote in my journal. I recorded my considerations. I created outlines. I dedicated the time and gave my best efforts towards the writing. Also, each time after I’ve completed a paper, I checked twice to edit my own work. For essays, I picked points that appeared well and good as well as were fascinating. Outlines turned into my closest companions; they enabled me to have an unmistakable vision of my written work. Researching about my subjects all around allowed me to compose effortlessly given the information and even potentially aptitude that comes to researching for any points. At long last, the most critical thing I did to enhance my writing skills was to have my work critiqued. At in the first place, it wasn’t generally simple to acknowledge feedback of my work, however, it had a moment, or third arrangement of eyes read through my essays previously I handed them over for evaluating. It enabled me to see my written work from other people’s points of view and furthermore perceive how I could enhance in view of what other individuals accepted to require changes. The more you write on different topics the more you will enhance your paper composing aptitudes. I feel that the writing journals profited my capacity as a writer. I feel that the writing journals benefited my ability as a writer. It increased my confidence about college-level academic writing.

In Conclusion, I had an exceptionally positive experience with this class. This course extremely supported my comprehension of specific parts of writing I had never caught on. After taking this class now I have much better grammar usage, no more MLA errors, and learned to organize my thoughts in the essay. I feel that I would now be able to express my thoughts much more effectively. In future, I will definitely use new writing methodologies learned here. This will definitely help me in future college classes after taking this class. The journals and essays that I wrote for this class really challenged me to improve my writing. This is only because of my professor. You are the best professor. Thank you.

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