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You feel limp , impotent, and do not see any sense why you should get up in the morning? If your depression was a sport, would you have been as wide as Arnold Schwarzenegger and as fast as Usain Bolt? Of course we all know that . Especially as a Depressed Man:   “Should I do this even more burden?” Believe me I know that! I myself am in a therapy that challenges and invalidates myself too much and have long wondered whether I even wear this additional shoe on the side. That’s why I want to show you some reasons, why YOU , tooYOU, no matter in which situation , no matter in which life situation or with which load you still have to fight in exactly 3 days should start :What is Freeletics?Freeletics is an ingenious training program based on body weight training. With the help of an app that you can install on your Apple or Android device, you ‘ll be transformed into the best form of your life with a 3-month warranty .The app is designed to register you and answer some questions so that your virtual trainer can tailor your personal, individual training plan:Your sports knowledgeYour goalYour time expenditureHere you can on a tab assess whether you already get too much on the way to the toilet or athletic performance for you are becoming commonplace. Then you state if you want to achieve what . You want more of a certain stress compensation or do you want to build your force Baywatch figure so that you are the hero on the beach. I think in the program you’re going one way or the hero of the beach. Last, you need your time to you want to spend specify. This allows you to specify how many days per week you want to do your workout. Do not worry, you can adjust or swap your effort every week.TIP: Choose 3 days at the beginning. This ensures that you train enough but you are not too overwhelmed at the beginning and the motivation wears off when you are training almost every day. So you better start with something “relaxed”, so that your body can get used to the high stress, the sore muscles can take their place again and your motivation is kept stable.Why Freeletics?I can only speak about my life situation now. Normally, I’m not the type of strength athlete, but a runner. For years I have been operating in phasic rhythms ambitious and less ambitious running. My highlight last year was a marathon in April. Usually I love this sport, which gave me a new horizon in my difficult time, but lately I realized that it’s time for something new again. I firmly believe that every person has a so-called soul plan and that life gives you depression among others because you are not on YOUR wayyou are. Now you can think, “Okay, Alex, maybe that applies to important elements in life, for example, for your job, your relationship, your living situation in which you realize you need fresh wind!” Yes, YOU are right, but I believe it These are the little things that have to be changed first, so that you can perceive the big, needed changes and therefore be able to tackle them.Changes in life are important , especially as a depressed person. How should I say or write, lately I just had no motivation to walk anymore, it always felt the same and did not irritate me anymore. I felt that I had to change something.And why Freeletics and not eg the gym?  Freeletics for depressionReasons for Freeletics  Freeletics for DepressionPersonally, I hate gyms because I do not feel well there, I find the atmosphere awful and this primitive trunks of weights has nothing to do with fitness for me. But the biggest advantages of Freeletics I see in the following arguments:Independent of time and place (sport can be performed everywhere and always)Free to very cheap (see more below)Hot results than in the gymHealthier , because the supportive muscles are also trainedMatches more of the natural form of exercise than weightsTime savings due to lack of arrival and departure etc.Extremely fitExtreme Training of the Precentral Cortex (Will Muscle)For me the most important point is the time and location independence, as I hate it, depending on opening times and times and I my life itself control wants and does not want to adjust opening times myself. In addition, I find the natural form of exercise to be crucial as it is much healthier and more natural for the human body to do a bodyweight exercise than to defy weights of gravity.How much is the fun? Freeletics for depressionThe workout in Freeletics is completely free, so you can get familiar with the exercises. However, I recommend you to use the couch , because he puts together an individual training plan in consideration of your goals , your athletic knowledge and your progress . Access to the coach costs depending on the period € 34.99 for 3 months , € 59.99 for 6 months (14% savings) or € 79.99 for 12 months (42% savings). This amount is paid only oncefor the respective period. After expiration, the coach does not extend so you can simply let it run out or extend. The Freeletics Coach costs just 2.69 € / week (at 3 months ), 2.31 € / week (at 6 months ) or only 1.54 € / week at 12 months duration per week .Compared to a gym, you pay at least € 34.99 per month (depending on which city).If you register via the following link and get your couch you get 20% discount on your couch, that’s just27,99 € for 3 months . Why should YOU start in 3 days? Freeletics for depressionWhy should you start with Freeletics to become your best version?Well this question alone should give you the answer already. We humans are from the Stone Age to programmed permanently better to be. Standstill has meant earlier decline and thus led to the death . It is not that bad today, but the basic principle of evolution remains. Our natural instincts are very firmlyanchored in the deepest layers of our brain, so that a permanent increase and development, is rewarded physically and psychologically, with endorphins etc.Please DO NOT delay your illness, your current unfavorable life situation or WHAT EVER as an excuse why you can not start improving yourself. Do not get me wrong, if you have real physical ailments, or have not done any sports for ages, or you are not the youngest anymore, you should definitely talk to your doctor first and get tested for your fitness.And why in 3 days?The problem with impulsive, spontaneous is decisions that you as fast just spontaneously back fall. So, start preparing for 3 days: watch motivational videos, watch Freeletics transformations, and get yourself a fitness mat. Bring yourself into an emotional state for the next few days and give your mind the time by acquiring an exact start day before acquiring the inevitable publishers of a winner.

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