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 “You can’t make up for lost time.You can only do better in the future”                                                                                                                           By Ashley OrmonTime management is an important function to maintain balance in one’s life.If you lose time its like losing the money.Time doesn’t count for anyone to wait.In my life I have lost time quite a lot of time.There were many instances I said to time God’s to calm down.But they never listened to me.In my life I learned that no one can catch the time but you can plan ahead for the betterment of your future.Managing of time is important in order to become successful in life.From back my home and nowaday I landed in Canada I learned a lot how to utilize the time.Back in my home I don’t manage my time that much because I don’t have that much work to do but in some instances I was able to manage my time.Like when I passed my graduation I don’t have that much work to do but my friends told me to join the swimming.I joined the swimming and the timing was around 7:00 Am.For some days I struggle to make to swimming school and when I reached and coaches have already done their classes and for some time I struggle to do swimming and then after that I learned to manage my time early in the morning.After that I always wake up around 6:00 Am.Made a habit of it so that I can learn swimming properly.Now this habit helped me in Canada as now I have to wake up early in the morning to prepare for my job and for my school.Back in my home country I managed time just for study and for my family.After coming to Canada everything changed It took me time to get adjusted to everything.But one thing in adjustment I learned If i don’t manage my time now I will always stay behind of everyone.Time management became an important function in my life as now I have to go for my work,work on my assignment,adjust for my lecture and to get time for studies.If I don’t manage all this functions properly I will get terminated and also I will get less marks in my studies as everything is different from my home country.Even now after learning so much of time management still I lacks ability to manage my time.Like to delete my email and also to organise yourself properly.The things to do first should be urgently marked and things which are not urgent to be kept aside for later dates or to put reminder to do task on that day.In a nutshell,I want to say that still I lacks in time management skill but it’s never too late to catch up to anything.I am still in learning process and I want to catch up on so many things and if i want to pick up on those thing one thing is important that is to manage the time properly and to stay commit on your task daily and enjoy that part of time and for my that’s became my mantra for success.

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