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Your credit score is one of the most important numbers in your life. Creditors and lenders use your credit card score to determine how ‘creditworthy’ you are. It is as important as your bank account number, phone number and your social security number.Getting that high credit score is quite difficult. Even more difficult to do, is getting a high credit score quickly. If you need a loan in a few months and you are not sure if your credit score is good enough to get you that loan, you need to boost your score as quickly as possible. Here are some ways to boost your credit score in 6 months or even less!Tip 1. Pay off your debt!This is a no-brainer. To get improved ratings, having a reduced debt to limit ratio is vital. But, you do not have enough money to pay off all your debt, (which is usually the case). Well, you do not have to pay off everything. All you need is to pay off enough debts that your credit utilization is less than 30%. So, do odd jobs, sell that item you do not really need, request for extra shifts at work. Make some extra money. Do this and you will give that horrible score a boost.Tip 2. Check your credit report and report any errorsRequest for your credit report. Once you have got this, carefully check through for any erroneous or false claims. Dispute these. These accounts are temporary pulled out from your credit history and their absence boosts your score. This is a legitimate means of boosting your score!Tip 3. Pay bills on time!If you are supposed to make that payment on the 21st of the month, do not wait till the 22nd. Ever. Even if you are paying in full. In fact, try to pay up before the due date. The creditors submit your balance once in a month, therefore paying on time or in advance reduces the risk of getting a higher balance to credit limit ratio. Paying on time makes you look reliable and will boost your credit score fast.Tip 4. Become an authorized userYou have tried all the tips above to zero success. Well, do not despair. Aunt Mary to the rescue! Your lovely aunt Mary, who loves you very much has an excellent credit score. Take advantage of this to boost your credit score. How? Let her add you as an authorized user on her card. As long as she pays on time and in full, these payments will improve your score. Her credit limit also gets added to your prior limit so you get a reduction in your credit utilization ratio. Conclusion

No matter how bad your credit score is, or how low, the tips found in this article, if followed can help you get that boost. So whether it is that mortgage you need to get soon or that new credit card with the “Travel to Bolivia” bonus, you CAN get that boost your credit card score needs in less than six months!

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