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Zahra, Jan 29, 2018, 7:59 AM: Al-Qaeda is a fundamentalist international terrorism organization with extreme believes about Islam. Al-Qaeda is an Arabian word that means “base”, and their intentions are reducing the influence of foreign and non-Muslim countries on Islamic world. Leaders, theorists, and many members of al-Qa’ida are Wahhabis, or fans of Hanbali and Hanafi religions who are interested in Wahhabism. So Al-Qaeda has been recognized as a Salafist movement, because its leadership, Ahmad bin Hanbal and Ibn Taymiyah, have been the first member of Salafism. This thought disbelieves many Muslims, especially the Shias, with their particular perception of Islam. Since 1995, the name of this organization has been on the list of terrorist organizations. The leader of this organization was Osama bin Laden, the 17th child of 52 of wealthy father who owned largest construction company in Saudi Arabia, now a days Imman al-Zawahiri is the head of this group. The al-Qaeda organization was created in 1988 by Osama bin Laden to fight with “Soviet Union” in Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda developed from the “Maktab-al Khedmah” organization, whose purpose was to arm and train Islamic Mujahedeen for the war with the Soviet Union. The organization was supported by Islamic states, especially Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, as well as the United States. Preventing the Soviet Union emerging power and revenge for the Vietnam War were some of the American goals to support al-Qaeda, but another important goal of the United States to engage in the wars and creating al-Qaeda organization, was changing the center of the Middle East crisis from the Palestinian to Afghanistan. It is unjustifiable to say that Former Secretary of State Clinton, in an important confession of several years ago in an interview with the Fox News, confirmed that the United States created a group of al-Qaeda led by Osama bin Laden and equipped the group with a variety of advanced weapons, such as Stinger missiles, and then later The withdrawal of the Soviet Union from Afghanistan left the fanatic and extremist group with the most modern American weapons in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and this established a fundamental disorder in the region that is still ongoing.The main goal of Pakistani foreign policy was to resolve the border issues in Pashtun, economic benefits and transit of goods and energy, compete with India, and contrast with the influence of Iran by the formation of an Islamist Sunni state.Saudi Arabia wanted to religious political influence of Islamic Republic of Iran to be prevented and its cultural influence be expanded.After the war in 1989, everything was not over for the fighters, this feeling was intensified among the mujahideen, which the US intelligence, Saudi Arabia and Egypt have backtracked and were united to destroy them. Because the evidences that they had could prove relationship with these countries.Some experts believe that the organization’s relationship with its supporters has been cut off after the war with the Soviet Union, and these three governments, especially the United States, have abandoned al-Qaeda’s support, but there are many convincing evidences that prove the opposite.Despite some issues they had, the most important of al-Qaeda’s relationship with its supporters was about the Persian Gulf War and the entry of US troops into the Saudi Arabia’s region, Bin Laden criticized the Saudi government, which opened the door of the infidels to the Islamic State of Saudi Arabia and Middle East. However, bin Laden never disagreed with the Saudi government and its political system, criticizing some policies of them.Al-Qaeda’s relationship with the Pakistani security organization was also maintained during this period, and they shared a common interest with the United States in important issues such as Chechnya, Bosnia, Kosovo, and the formation of a Taliban government. As a result, al-Qaeda maintained the relationship that had begun since the Soviet era with its supporter governments, with ups and downs until 2001 and the September 11 incident. There are several evidences that show this incident was programmed by U.S. government to persuade their people to start new war in Middle East.

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